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VIDEO with the most important information:


Below is another video summarising the most important information.


However, there is less information in this video than on this page.

So if you have more detailed questions, always take a look at this page here.


Video - Information - Apartment - ENGLISH LANGUAGE

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PDF file:


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In the flat you will also find a paper printout of this PDF file in ENGLISH and GERMAN.


Here is the download of the PDF file in ENGLISH:

Apartment - Information - English - W48.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 201.8 KB

Contact to the landlord:



We will hardly see each other during your rental period.

But here is the information on how you can get in touch with me quickly.



Even if this information page seems quite "factual" and "strict" – I am still fully nice and very cooperative.

So if you have any questions or requests, just come to me.

So far, all tenants have always been very satisfied – Especially because all wishes and questions were always solved within a short time.



Contact for not-emergency cases:


The best way is to send me an email directly on the AIRBNB portal.

You can also send an e-mail to the following address:


The contact per E-Mail is much more better than per phone or live



Contact in cases of urgent emergency:


Phone:  +496222385851

(that goes also on the mobile phone and also on the answering machine) 

Emergencies and disruptions:



To be on the safe side, this information is right here at the beginning –  even if it has never been necessary before.




Water damage:

If you need to turn off the water from the whole house in an emergency:

The two main water taps are in the cellar/basement – these are well signposted there – and also explained in the information video.

There are 2 taps – In an emergency, please turn both of them off completely.





Fire extinguishers are in the stairwell and also downstairs in the basement at the end of the basement stairs.




Heating failure:

Normally, I notice very quickly if the central heating fails.

But if I don't react immediately, just write me an e-mail.

I then have small mobile emergency heaters for you, which keep the apartment warm until the central heating works again.

The hot water for the shower is always warm, regardless of the central heating.




Electrical power failure:

In the small “office” there is a fuse box in the right wall.

If there is no electrical power anywhere, one of these fuses may be switched off.

You can then switch it on again in this fuse box.

The fuses are labeled in the fuse box.




Whistle sound:

If a short loud whistling tone can be heard at intervals, this is the signal that the battery in the smoke detector is empty.

This smoke detector is on the room-dividing cupboard in the living room.

You can bring it down and place it on the stairs on the ground floor.

I'll then replace the battery and put the smoke alarm back on the stairs in front of your apartment.








Self check-in:


It is possible that I will not be there myself on the day of your check-in.

I will let you know in advance.

If I am not there, you can easily check in yourself:

Self-check-in is possible on the day of arrival from 17:00.






Key ring:


You have a key ring with 2 keys:  house key + apartment key.

There is also a small metal tag with the imprint PEARL on the key ring.

Please do NOT remove this PEARL metal tag.

This is because this metal tag increases the chance that we will get the key back if it is lost.






Address and location of the apartment:


The address is: Waldstrasse 48 - 69168 Wiesloch.

The apartment is on the top floor (the attic apartment).






Parking by car:


In WIESLOCH there is a permanently installed radar control at every entrance and exit – You have to pay attention there.


You can park on both sides of the street (also on the forest side).

There is always a free parking space within 20 metres of the road.


You are only not allowed to park in front of the courtyard entrances.

You should also always park with the car in the direction of travel.

And you also should not stand with a tyre on the pavement.

The police of WIESLOCH check these things very often.






Front door of the House:


Please always close the front door actively and completely by hand.

Please also actively lock this front door every time - from the outside and also from the inside.






Mail / Post:


Please let send your mail to the following address so that it arrives safely and in time:

Forename  Family-Name


Waldstrasse 48

D – 69168 Wiesloch


Your name is then also listed on the front door.

This ensures that the mail arrives and visitors know where to ring the doorbell.


The incoming mail will be on the stairs in front of your apartment in the evening after 18:00.












Every day at 05:00 in the morning the WIFI has a total reset – this takes about 2 minutes – Possible disturbances are thereby eliminated.


The strongest signal is in the living room.



If you use the internet (WIFI) provided, you must note that you are responsible for your own behaviour on the

internet. Unlawful downloading, uploading, receiving or sending of copyrighted or other unlawful files, data or

content is strictly prohibited and will be controlled and documented and prosecuted. We have already had 2 court cases in which a penalty of about € 1000 in damages was claimed because a tenant had lilegally streamed or downloaded films.








You can adjust the sun-blinds in the bathroom and in the kitchen by turning the round adjusting-rotary-knob in the top right corner of the sun-blinds.


The heating in the apartment only heats when the windows are completely closed.

Therefore, always ventilate only for a short time.


Open the roof-windows at maximum to the first raster/step – there is a chain to avoid a too wide opening (it is against raining in).


Close the windows when you are leaving the apartment – and also during rain or strong winds:






Heating System:


The heating system of the house is centrally controlled and is in a fully automatic heating mode all year round.

The heating system has an "intelligent" control and adjusts the radiator temperatures to the outside temperature every hour.

However, you can also change the temperature for yourself on the hand-held control units with the PLUS and MINUS buttons.

This individual change is possible for 4 hours at a time and within the “normal” temperature range.

This "normal" temperature range is prescribed by law in Germany and currently lies between 10 degrees and 23 degrees.

The heating system reaches these 23 degrees (and even more) very well with closed windows.

The apartment becomes even warmer if the sun blinds are set so that the sun can shine into the apartment during the day.


The heating switches off automatically whenever one of the windows in the apartment is open.

Therefore, always ventilate only for a short time.

You can therefore only heat with the windows completely closed.

If the temperature on the radiator thermostat regulator in a room only shows 10 degrees and the temperature cannot be adjusted upwards with the PLUS button, then one of the windows is not completely closed. Especially the windows in the kitchen or bathroom are sometimes only open a gap of 1 cm - and the heating is then reduced to 10 degrees for that long.

But when all the windows are completely closed again, the heating immediately heats up again automatically.








Next to the sink in the bathroom is a water heater.

This heats the water for the shower.

The wheel in the center of the waterheater should always be turned to the maximum temperature.


This water heater has an extremely high output – To prevent it from overheating, an internal safety mechanism reduces the temperature (usually at intervals) by a few degrees for a period of a few seconds. This is a normal process and not a technical fault.

This safety mechanism does never kick in during a normal shower (3-4 minutes duration), but only during longer shower times.






Linen and consumables:


The towels and bed linen in the apartment are freshly washed at 60 degrees (but not ironed).

You will also find more towels and bed linen in the closets/upboards.


The duvet has press studs. This allows you to make a thicker blanket out of 2 identical blankets.


When you move into the apartment, a first set of consumables is already included. (Toilet paper, etc.)

This first set would be enough for the first 3-4 weeks. This way you don't have to buy these things yourself right away.

You can buy all consumables quickly and cheaply at the PENNY market (4 minute's walk away)








For the entire duration of your stay, you can borrow a bicycle from the landlord free of charge.

If you want to have this bike, just write me a short e-mail.


By bike you only need 5 minutes to the centre of WIESLOCH and only 20 minutes to reach the company SAP. 








The TV channels were freshly saved with a search-run.

The channels programs were not sorted. Therefore it may be that some channel-slots are not occupied.

It may also be that some HD channels (high-definition) get no signal. (for example PRO-7-HD).

But all common TV channels (for example PRO-7 without HD) are definitely somewhere in the list of the channels in normal definition resolution. However maybe on the slots/channel 300 - 600.

You can use the CHANNEL-LIST-Button (CHLIST) on the TV remote control to display the entire list of all channels.

You can use the remote control to highlight a channel directly in the CHANNEL LIST with the arrow buttons and then select the channel directly by pressing the ENTER button.

You are welcome to sort the channels as you wish.

The TV also has WIFI.

You can connect your personal streaming device to the TV - depending on which service (device) you are a customer of.

(Fire TV Stick, Google Chrome Cast, Apple TV, Premiere, etc.)

You can then control your streaming device and its functions on the TV remote control via the button "Source".

Here you can download the detailed operating instructions for the TV set as a PDF document:

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 14.8 MB

Kitchen appliances and kitchen devices:


Most kitchen appliances and kitchen devices are quite simple and self-explanatory.

Smaller appliances such as a coffee machine, toaster, water boiler, egg boiler, etc. are in the kitchen cupboard.


Another request:

Please do not cut directly on the kitchen worktop or table or furniture.

Please do not put on the worktop or furniture hot pots, pans, plates.

Always use the white plastic cutting pads when cutting – You will find these in the kitchen cupboard.

Always use the cork heat mats when placing hot objects on them – You will find these in the kitchen cupboard.








With the microwave appliance you can defrost, heat, cook, hot air bake and grill.


Do not place any metal parts in the microwave. (Pots, pans, tins, cans, spoons, forks, etc.)


Here you can download the detailed operating instructions for the microwave as a PDF document:

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 416.6 KB

Please observe the following information and rules when using the apartment:



All tips and "commandments" are on this list because there have been real questions or "incidents" about them in recent years.



In the following areas and rooms the light is switched on and off by automatic motion detectors:

yard, cellar, staircase, hallway, kitchen, bathroom


Collect your garbage in a plastic-waste-bag and put it regularly in the green garbage can behind the house


Your visitors can ring your bell at the door of the house at "DACHGESCHOSS".

You have a door entry system in your hallway to the left of the door. There is also a square door-opener-button.

Please do NOT change the name inscriptions ("DACHGESCHOSS") on the bell system or the letterbox.


There is a small metal tag with the imprint PEARL on the keyring.

Please DO NOT REMOVE this PEARL-Metal-Tag.

Because this metal tag increases greatly the chance that we get the key back in the possible case of losing the key somewhere.


Always lock the house door.


Do not insert the key of the apartment into the door-lock on the inside of the door.

Otherwise you cannot open the door from outside anymore.

Because of this the lock on the inside of the door of the apartment is covered with an adhesive tape.


Don’t execute partys in the apartment.


Don’t keep animals in the apartment.


Don’t smoke in the apartment or let anyone smoke there.

You can smoke downstairs in the yard or in the garden.


Don’t wash or dry laundry in the apartment.

You can use the machines for washing and drying in the cellar.

You also could dry your clothes by hanging in the cellar - there is a clothesline.


Don’t change the floor covering or the color of the walls, the ceiling or the furniture


Do not put nails, screws, hooks, adhesive tapes etc. in or on the walls or the ceilings or the furniture.


You are welcome to share the vacuum cleaner, which is located on the landing of the stairs.

Please put it back on the stair landing after use.

The vacuum cleaner bag is changed by me regularly.


If any battery is empty, just lay it down on the stairs on the ground floor.

I will put there a new one for you.


Inform the landlord via e-mail, if something doesn’t work or is broken


We want to improve constantly:

So please inform therefore simply the landlord (preferably by e-mail), if something is not working or something is damaged or if you have a general improvement idea.





When you move into the apartment, the dishwasher is freshly serviced.

Therefore, you do not need to refill or top up anything in the dishwasher or clean the filters during your rental period.

You only need to put one of the cleaning tablets into the dishwasher per wash.



DO NOT open the dishwasher while washing and NOT before the end of the wash cycle.





Dishwasher – Operation:



Check in advance that nothing is blocking the two water propellers.



Put a cleaning-tab into the dishwasher.

You can see where to put this washing tablet in the information video (see video at the top).



Press the button with the number 1 (ON)

All other buttons are in an optimal preset – You don’t have to change or to refill anything.

The best program is:  INTENSIV 70



Press the button with the number 2 (START)



The washing will last 3 hours.

Don’t open the machine before the end of the washing-process



After washing, leave the dishes to dry and cool for about 30 minutes with the door closed.



Here you can download the detailed operating instructions for the dishwasher as a PDF document:

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.6 MB

Washing and drying the laundry:



The Washing-Machine and the Drying-Machine are in the cellar.


Please do not leave the finished laundry too long in the machines.


DO NOT open the washing machine while washing and NOT before the end of the wash cycle.





Washing-Machine: (the left machine)



Put also in a soft-washing-capsule (this is filled with the liquid detergent) together with the laundry into the machine.

These washing-capsule are in a box on the washing-machine.



Put in the laundry



Select the wash-program:

Large program selector wheel set “MIX”

All other buttons are in an optimal preset – You don’t have to change anything.



Starting the machine:

Press the START / RESET button on the right

When you are starting the washing-machine you will see on the display how much time the machine will need.



Take out the laundry:

After washing, the washing machine is still on duty for further 30 minutes – with a crease protection for the laundry.

During this time, the door is still locked and blocked – and the button START / RETURN button is still glowing.

Please do not open the door by force as long as it is blocked and locked.

If this button START / RETURN is still glowing, then just press this button for a few seconds.

As a result, the machine is then completely switched off and the door gets unlocked after 20 seconds.

Only now you can open the door.

Please do not open the door by force as long as it is blocked and locked.






Drying-Machine (the right machine)



Open the door with the button TÜR



Put in the washed laundry



Switch on the machine with the button EIN-AUS

All other buttons are in an optimal preset – You don’t have to change anything.



Start the Drying with the button START



After Drying stop the machine with the button EIN-AUS



Open the door with the button TÜR



Please do not dry laundry in the apartment.


If you want to hang washed clothes, you can hang them on the clotheslines in the basement.




Here you can download the detailed operating instructions for the washing-machine as a PDF document:


Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.5 MB

Information about the surrounding area:




Information about the town WIESLOCH is available here:



Information about the neighbouring town HEIDELBERG can be found here:



Information about public transport in the region can be found here:

There is also a smartphone app for this:  MyVRN










From my point of view, these are currently the best or most interesting pubs in WIESLOCH:

All pubs are in the centre of WIESLOCH.

You can reach them on foot in about 15 minutes from your apartment.




Ringstrasse 6

69168 Wiesloch

Audience of all ages – Good place to go on your own – Good prices – Varied cuisine – Also regional specialities – Also very good for a drink only – Own parking spaces.




Heidelberger Strasse 61

69168 Wiesloch

Audience of all ages – Good place to go alone – Good prices – Varied cuisine – Also some vegan dishes – Also very suitable for one-drink-only – Two public parking spaces nearby




Freihofstrasse 2

69168 Wiesloch

Brewery-restaurant with home-brewed beer – A bit better and more expensive – Also regional food – Very nice beer garden – In the oldest house of Wiesloch – Directly in the old town in the centre of Wiesloch – Hardly any parking spaces.









In WIESLOCH there are all the typical grocery chains:




For quick shopping you can go here within 4 minute walking distance from your apartment:

  • PENNY Market
    Schloßstraße 55
    Open until 9 pm
    Insert parking disc when parking
  • Corner Shop "LÄDLE"
    Schloßstraße 51
    Only 30 metres away from the PENNY-Market